Stylish and Functional Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

Top 5 Stylish and Functional Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors

Give your sliding glass doors a bright, colorful makeover with sliding door window treatments. The secret to success is using window treatments that allow smooth slide functionality. Read on our selection of Top 5 Stylish and Functional Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors

Window coverings are a crucial addition to sliding glass doors for many homes. They offer seclusion and let you choose the quantity of light in the space. They are also ornamental because they occupy a sizable part of the wall. Many kinds of window coverings go well with patio doors. They vary from vertical blinds to blackout curtains. Our Top 5 Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors are practical and functional.

Here, we’ll outline our top picks for sliding door blinds, shades, shutters, and drapes.

1. Drapery For Sliding Glass Doors:

The most recent window covering for sliding glass doors to hit the market is the Smart Drapery. It has walk-through vanes and is a sheer shade. Utilizing a wand, you can move the fabric vanes open or closed and tilt them for privacy. These have an elegant, contemporary aluminum headrail that is offered in 4 variations. What’s best? The fabric vanes are machine washable and simple to remove.

Pro Tip:

Windows and sliding glass doors are frequently combined. Dress them as one rather than attempting to come up with window treatment ideas for each. It’s as simple as extending a drapery rod over the whole bank and choosing drapes that match your design. Ensure that you have enough fabric so that the curtains can close all the way.

Explore Horizon Window Treatments for exquisite linen, cotton, silk, and velvet drapes. They come along with our sturdy hardware and artistic finials for an ideal final touch.

2. Bifolding or Bypass Shutter:

It is the best way to give your patio and sliding glass doors the elegance of plantation shutters. Sliding shutters have the polished, sleek appearance of genuine wood.  They have high-quality vinyl that will survive heavy traffic areas. Thus these window treatments for sliding glass doors won’t warp, break, or fade. In addition to being naturally cordless, shutters offer a clutter-free appearance. They are secure in households with young children and animals. To make the best use of your space, decide between bifold shutters and a bypass track panel system.

Interior shutters may move aside like a sliding door. They may fold in on themselves. They may also stack entirely outside the window. Which gives a classy and distinctive appearance to the house. Because the shutters seem like they arrived with your property, we like them.

Some sliding shutters hinge to swing open and shut, while others glide open and shut on a track akin to the door’s track. You have a choice of narrow or broad shutters that rotate open and closed so you may regulate the view and light.

3. Roller Shades:

Expansive views of the outside are provided via sliding glass doors. Thus you might not wish to cover it with thick drapes. Instead, use window treatments that won’t obstruct the view, like roller shades. When rolled up, the system looks seamless since it matches the door’s trim. When desired, they may be drawn down to provide seclusion and prevent light.

Most child-safe window treatments for sliding glass doors are solar and roller shades. Since they are raised and out of the way while the sliding door is open. They offer little view blockage. They fit in flawlessly with the home’s design, thus this style is quite popular.

We have customized rollers to fit your style, whether it be casual, contemporary, or farmhouse. Roll-up window coverings in a variety of hues, hefts, and patterns, stacked to match any design with Horizon Window Treatments.

4. Vertical Honey Comb:

Reverting to the beginning. In the 1990s. Vertical blinds replaced horizontal blinds as the standard for sliding glass doors. Since then, they are available in various vinyl, fabric, and metal vanes.

Typically, honeycomb shades rise and are lowered for operation. There is a vertical honeycomb shade that glides from side to side like your sliding door.  Hence you can maintain the same style and material throughout the whole space. The stackback on them is also rather tiny. So you can open the blinds while leaving most of your door unobstructed.

Are you interested in both fashion and savings? Horizon Window treatments honeycomb has both in mind. Its designs provide sharp lines lending gentle dimension to any space. The honeycomb captures hot and cold air. It may otherwise escape through your windows. Thus, saving you money on energy costs all year round.

5. The Luminette For Sliding Glass Doors:

If we failed to highlight the Luminette sliding transparent shade. we would be imprudent. The sunlight is subtly filtered by these privacy sheers. A sheer ripple-fold fabric on the front and vertical fabric vanes linked at the back of Luminette. They create a drapery-like window covering with limitless light and privacy control possibilities.

Soft fabric vanes may be closed for preferred seclusion or rotated 180 degrees. They can absorb the harsh sun and disperse the ideal amount of natural light throughout. Luminettes may be pulled to either side of the window for a clear view of the outside.

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