What Is Grommet Drapery?

Grommet drapes have a modern design for stylish interiors. They are a practical solution to transform boring windows into a chic decorative element. The hand-pressed deep folds stack nicely to the side without blocking your view. Grommet curtains have unique headers with large rings, called grommets or eyelets, made of metal, plastic, or wood inserted right into the fabric. These curtains don’t hang from hooks, rings, or track-rods. Instead, a rod is inserted into the rings in the curtain header. Grommet drapes work well with stiff fabric and form neat, well-defined pleats. Since grommets create large pleats, designers usually prefer bolder prints and patterns for these curtains.

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Our free in-home consultation has our designers bring your chosen fabric samples, measure your windows professionally, and give a clear timeline for project completion.

Grommet Drapery Features

Simple and practical grommet curtains are a trendy twist to the classic window drapery. The rings in the header serve as a guide for the rod and let the curtains slide effortlessly. The rigid grommet rings also give strength to the curtains and increase their life as you tug and pull on them. Since most of the rod is visible as it passes through the eyelets, it holds a decorative element to it as well. You can find grommet rings and rods in a variety of materials and designs.

Product Features:

  • Custom grommet size and color
  • Custom curtain length
  • Rod length and finish variety
  • Smooth operation

Play upon curtains colors and designs and match them with suitable grommet rings and rods to enhance your room decor and elevate your windows.

Personalization for Custom Grommet Drapes in NYC

At Horizon, we help you translate your creative vision into practical solutions for your window treatments. Grommet curtains provide unlimited room for personalization. At our showroom, the choices are as diverse as the New Yorkers themselves. Explore our extensive collection or talk to our design consultants to create the best grommet drapery in NYC. Custom size: Apart from regular window sizes, you can order custom curtain sizes for your unconventional windows too. Our representatives measure your windows for free and create your grommet curtains in the exact size. Ring size and design: Rings are usually available in plastic, wood, or metals. Plastic rings are available in a variety of colors. Wood and metal give your curtains a trendy minimalist vibe. You can also order brass rings for a classic, timeless feel. Rod material: Since the rod is visible in grommet drapery, its color and design can influence the overall look of your windows. You can choose from brass, wood, wrought iron, steel, or plastic rods to complement your overall decoration theme. Fabric choices: The choice of fabric can make the grommet drapes look soft or bold. You can use stiff fabrics with loud patterns for a crisp and edgy look. Use silk or sheers with an extra inch of length for elegance and sophistication. Color choices: At Horizon, you can choose from a variety of warm and cool colors in different patterns and textures to bring your vision to life without any compromise.

Benefits of Grommet Drapery

Grommet curtains have become famous quite quickly because of their trendy, casual look and versatile use. Hang them in your living room or use them as shower curtains, and they’ll fit both settings perfectly. You can choose fabric, colors, designs, rods, and grommets to create unlimited looks for your room. Natural folds: Due to rigid rings at the top, grommet drapes form regular pleats naturally. Their natural, wavy appearance is one of the reasons for their fame. They stack neatly, but you may need to guide the pleats for an even look when you close the curtains. Easy to move: Since grommet rings and rods have a smooth finish, they slide smoothly against each other. There’s no resistance, and they only need a gentle tug to open or close the curtain. Light and privacy control: Our 1-inch above-the-sill length prevents any light leakage through grommet rings when you close the curtains. You can also choose blackout lining for complete room darkening and use sheer fabric for privacy and natural light during the day. Easy to maintain: Grommet curtains are easy to hang and takedown for cleaning. Most can be machine washed because they are made from washable fabric. No dust collects on them because they don’t have sewn pleats. Cost-effective: Grommets cost less than regular curtains and other window dressings. The price usually depends on your fabric choice, design, and window size. You can choose them carefully to create custom grommet drapes within your budget. Corrosion-resistant: Steel and brass grommet and rods are treated to repel moisture, so they last you long irrespective of the weather conditions. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, feel free to call us. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your queries. Besides drapery, we also sell roller shades, roman shades, blinds, curtains, and accessories. At Horizon, you can explore our vast collection of grommet curtains in exciting colors, fabrics, and designs. So, hurry up and claim your free professional consultation today!