Roman Shades in NYC

Welcome to Horizon Window Treatments, your premier destination for exquisite window coverings in the bustling metropolis of New York City. At Horizon, we are passionate about providing top-quality solutions to enhance the beauty and functionality of your living spaces. Dive into luxury and sophistication with our Roman Shades, meticulously crafted to add timeless elegance to any room.

Roman shades level up any home decor to high fashion effortlessly in a practical way. Choose from our vast collection of premium fabrics and exclusive colors. Buying roman shades for NYC apartments is a beautiful and functional way to style your windows while keeping the sun and the city’s chaos out. Roman shades have been around for a long time. They are a traditional window dressing that has been altered and modernized over the centuries. At Horizon, you get to choose from rich and warm fabrics in colors and designs NYC interior decorators use in their professional projects. We help you stand out from the crowd with a variety of roman shade types from traditional to trendy and everything in-between. When installing Roman shades, NYC interior designers and homeowners come to us to explore our custom window treatment options.

Ripple-Fold Drapes in NYC

Pricing & Free- Installation Information:

Our prices and timelines are upfront and never contain hidden fees. Check out our price generator in our Main Menu! Furthermore, our licensed installers arrive at your residence on time and complete the job from start to finish. We also have in-house electricians for all your motorization needs.

Free In-Home Consultation

Our free in-home consultation has our designers bring your chosen fabric samples, measure your windows professionally, and give a clear timeline for project completion. Let’s give your windows a fresh look with the best roman shades in NYC


At Horizon Window Treatments, we believe in providing exceptional service and superior-quality products. Our approach is built on:

Attention to Detail: We pay attention to every detail, from fabric selection to installation, to ensure that your Roman Shades exceed your expectations. We take pride in delivering impeccable results that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.

Customer Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish, ensuring that you are delighted with your Roman Shades and our service. We are committed to building long-lasting customer relationships based on trust and excellence.

Innovation: We stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and technologies in window treatments. From motorization options to eco-friendly fabrics, we offer innovative solutions that enhance your home or office’s comfort, style, and efficiency.

Collaboration: We believe in collaboration and communication throughout the entire process. Our team works closely with you to understand your needs and preferences, ensuring that your Roman Shades are tailored to your unique style and vision.

The Benefits of Roman Shades

Explore the finest window treatments, including custom blinds, curtains, drapes, and shades in NYC. Our custom window treatments add a touch of class and finesse to your rooms and provide the level of personalization you require. Our roman shades are handmade to the exact size of your windows and other specifications you require. You can custom design them to get all the benefits of roman shades. The following are some of the benefits of roman shades.

Product Features:

  • Appeal: Roman shades are ageless; they’re never in or out of trend. Moreover, they seamlessly fit any decor. That’s why if you choose the design and colors thoughtfully, you can use your Roman shades for many years without going out of fashion.
  • Versatile: From exciting colors to fold designs and hanging mechanisms, Roman shades offer a lot of choices for customization. You can select relaxed folds for a feminine look or crisp folds and stiff materials for a masculine feel. You can also pair them with curtains for additional functionality.
  • Soft Look: Irrespective of the style, color, or fold you choose, roman shades lend a softness to any room. The loose loops of the fabric cozy up the windows. They give a layered interest to the modern and minimalist decor and soften the busy or glamorous look of a traditional setting.
  • Privacy and Light control: Pull them up or down or use sheer or blackout materials to control the light and privacy. Double Roman shades use both sheers and heavier materials to allow light in during the day but keep the prying eyes out both during the day and at night. Half-drawn pull-down roman shades bring light into the room and block the line of sight at the same time.
  • Save Energy: Roman shades save your energy cost because they minimize heat exchange from the windows. The amount of cooling and heating energy you save depends on the materials you choose for the shades.
  • Easy to Clean: Since Roman shades are made from a single piece of material, cleaning them is easy. Just pull the shade down and clean it. Most roman shades are made from fabric and can be easily vacuum-cleaned.
  • Affordable: Shades require almost 50 percent less cloth than curtains and drapes. Depending upon the fabric, design, and lift system, Roman shades offer a lot of variety in price points as well.
Motorized roman shades for living room in nyc apartment

Roman shades are an effortless way to make any room look grand. You can mount them inside the windows or outside and order a corded, cordless, or mechanized lift system with them. Our stylists offer free design consultation to help you create the perfect roman shades for your home. So, hurry up and get in touch with us today. Roman shades level up any home decor to high fashion effortlessly in a practical way. When installing Roman shades, NYC interior designers and homeowners come to us to explore our custom window treatment options. Moreover, you get free professional consultation to choose the right color and fabric for your windows. Our friendly customer service is happy to answer all your questions every time you contact us. So, let’s give your windows a fresh look with the best roman shades in NYC.

Elevate your New York City living space with the timeless elegance and practical functionality of Roman Shades by Horizon Window Treatments. Schedule a consultation today and experience the difference that custom window treatments can make in your home or office.