When choosing custom shades and blinds for your NYC apartment or office, keep your needs for privacy and beauty at the forefront. The amount of sun the windows get will also affect your choice of material, type, and color for the shades. At Horizon NYC, we help you select the most suitable materials and colors for your custom shades that NYC designers use in their professional projects. Our vast and exclusive collection has shades & blinds to match any decor.


Roller shades in NYC homes and apartments offer a perfect balance between modern minimalism and functionality. They are simple in design, easy to raise and lower, and are an ideal solution for a streamlined look and feel.

  • Numerous Styles
  • Exclusive colors and designs
  • Custom Sizes
  • Motorization Options

Starting From $130*


Lower your shades without losing your view with our versatile solar shades in NYC. No matter what color and texture you choose, you get light filtering with adequate privacy and room darkening. Solar shades reduce glare, prevent fading, and also protect you against the sun’s UV rays.

  • 100+ Elite Materials
  • Various Levels Transparency
  • Designer Details
  • Motorization Options

Starting From $130*

Solar blinds in newyork - stairs
Ripple-Fold Drapes in NYC


Roman shades give your room a luxurious elegance in both formal and casual settings. From luxury textures to hand-sewn rings and handmade creases — you will find meticulous details in every roman we make. You can choose from six unique styles and select the materials, prints, and patterns to match your existing decor for a fully personalized look.

  • Variety of custom options
  • Exclusive colors
  • Unique designs 
  • Motorization options
  • Premium fabrics

Starting From $350*


Metal blinds offer budget-friendly functional designs for simple living. They are perfect for a sleek, modern look. You can choose any of the exciting metallic colors we offer and customize the designs to make a statement of your own. Metal blinds offer high value as they are both affordable and durable. Since they are usually moisture and dust-resistant, maintenance is a breeze. That’s why metal blinds in NYC are favored for both residential and commercial properties alike.

  • Numerous styles
  • Exclusive colors and designs
  • Custom sizes
  • Motorization options

Starting From $120*

metal blinds for stairway in nyc apartment


We offer top-of-the-line natural grains sourced from all over the world, rich in both color and texture. Our custom blinds in NYC include exclusive natural and faux woods in dozens of finishes to complement your existing home decor. Wood blinds offer a timeless, classic look to your contemporary New York City apartment or home. If you’re looking for a pleasantly warm personality for your room, our custom wooden blinds offer you a lot of window styling options.

  • Variety of custom options
  • Exclusive colors and designs
  • Custom sizes
  • Motorization options

Starting From $180*

The Benefits of Custom Shades

At Horizon, you can explore the finest window treatments, including custom shades, blinds, and curtains at our showroom in New York. You can explore numerous shades in exclusive colors and unique styles to give your room decor a professional touch. Shades are a simple and inexpensive way to control the privacy, light, and look of your room. They can give a modern vibe to any space, and with so many customization options, shades can work with any room or decor theme.

  • Light Control:
    Shades come in many different types, materials, and opacities. Custom shades allow you to get the exact light filtration level you need. You can choose light filtering shades to control sun glare or heavier materials for a complete blackout effect.
  • UV Blocking:
    Both solar shades and cellular shades are made to save you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They block sunlight without blocking your view so you can enjoy the beautiful NYC cityscape from your cozy couch.
  • Energy Efficient:
    Thoughtfully built custom shades can keep your power bills in check. Choose the thick dark fabric or choose from our designer cellular shades to prevent heat exchange from your windows.
  • Privacy Control:
    From sheer materials to entirely opaque, custom shades put you in charge of the privacy you require. We have tons of materials, colors, and designs to block the vision both during the day and at night.
  • Room Divider:
    Shades are an innovative and easy way to divide space in a studio apartment or isolate your home workspace. You can use neutrals to make the shade blend in with walls. Choosing patterns or landscapes can turn your drawn down shades into a beautiful decorative element.
  • Motorization:
    If your windows are wide or extra tall, motorization allows smooth operation. You can get wall-mounted controls or use a remote controller or your smartphone to operate mechanized shades.
  • Personal Style:
    Ordering custom shades will enable you to control every aspect of your shades’ function and look. From size and shape to colors and styles, you can create the shades to match your room’s personality and decor perfectly.
  • Custom Colors:
    When we make your custom shades, you get to choose from an array of colors. From popular neutrals to bold, vibrant colors in many shades, designs, and patterns, we offer you a complete palette to mix and match!

If you’re looking for custom shades with motorized options, you’ve come to the right place. At Horizon NYC, you can explore our vast collection of shades in a variety of designs, colors, and style choices. So hurry up and claim your free professional consultation today!

The Benefits of Custom Blinds

Blinds are one of the easiest ways to cover up your windows or change their appearance. Custom blinds allow you to add your own flair to your window decor, but they have more benefits as well.

  • Affordable:
    Custom blinds are cost-effective and affordable compared to other custom window treatments. For example, custom curtains and drapes usually cost more because they require more material.
  • Accurate Fit:
    With custom blinds, you can get precisely fitting blinds for unconventional windows. Moreover, light can leak through smaller blinds, and larger blinds can make your windows disproportionate. For a perfect fit, you can get your windows measured by experts once and save them for future reference too.
  • Energy Efficiency:
    Since custom blinds offer an exact fit, they also do an excellent job of blocking the sun’s heat and light. When metal blinds reflect the sun rays, they keep the indoors cool and lower your energy costs.
  • Personalized Designs:
    With custom blinds, you get to choose from limitless colors and style options. You can get a sleek contemporary look by choosing aluminum blinds or incorporate natural or faux wood for a retro, rustic look.
  • Easy to maintain:
    Vertical blinds are easy to clean and maintain. Since they are vertical, they gather less dust. But even if you choose Venetian blinds in metal or wood, you can opt for dust and moisture resistant materials for your custom blinds.
  • Complete Privacy:
    As discussed above, custom blinds fit your windows better compared to premade blinds. That’s why they offer full coverage and privacy whether it’s day or night. You can also pair them with sheer curtains or shades to get more privacy without blocking the sunlight.
  • High-Quality Product:
    When you buy custom blinds, you can choose high-quality materials and designs that are easy to maintain and last longer. You can get more value out of your custom blinds because you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

From high-quality metal and bamboo blinds to elegant vertical blinds, we elevate your home decor with expressive window fashions. We offer the best custom blinds in NYC that complement your existing interiors beautifully. Our designers use a personalized approach to creating and designing your windows solutions. At our showroom, you can explore designs that are flexible in cost, beauty, and privacy. That’s how we make sure you can get high value through our affordable products and services. If you’re looking for custom blinds in wood, metal, or vertical designs with motorized options, Horizon NYC is your one-stop-shop for all window treatments. Explore our vast and exclusive collection of aluminum and natural or faux wood blinds in a variety of designs, colors, and style choices.