• solar shade

        • Solar shades are a popular fixture in many homes because they prevent furniture fading, reduce glare and protect against UV rays. Choose from multiple categories and search through our vast collections and exclusive colors.

        • Top-of-the-line natural grains sourced from all over the world, rich in color and character both. Choose from multiple categories and search our vast collections and exclusive finishes. High-quality wood blinds are the perfect addition to any room.

        • Hand-pressed with deep folds – modern design for stylish interiors. Choose from multiple categories, choice collections and exclusive colors. High-quality grommet drapes are an excellent addition to any room.

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Welcome to Your New Smart Home
Be in full control with the click of a button, or a simple voice command. You’ll have the freedom of operating your motorized shades whether you are home or not. Furthermore, via Somfy’s interactive app, the Link, you can schedule your shades to open and close independently at any time of the day.
“Hey, myLink, open my living room shades.”
Control your shades with Somfy’s included hub by using voice commands within 65 ft of each hub to seamlessly raise and lower your shades. Through Somfy myLink, easily connect your Somfy blinds, shades, and drapes with your favorite smart home devices.
Endless Ways to Control
Control your indoor blinds via a remote control, tablet, or smartphone. With Somfy’s solutions, control has never been easier.
So Quiet, You Can’t Hear It
  • Somfy’s new range of motors provide superior performance that make no noise when opening and closing.
  • Thanks to Somfy’s sun sensors, your motorized interior shades adapt their behavior to the conditions outside.
  • Play with natural light to create your own moods while enjoying the silence.
Your Data, Secured
Somfy takes the utmost care of your data when using their products as their servers use the most up-to-date encryption standards to protect your information.
How We Operate
Horizon Window Treatments is staffed with a team of licensed electricians and experienced installers that can complete your project quickly and effectively. Installation is FREE, regardless of the motorization option, and with our 22+ years of experience combined with our vetted installation team, we will guarantee your satisfaction.
We provide our customers with transparent pricing and a detailed layout of the project’s turnaround times, which is normally 2-3 weeks. All installation work is free including wiring, calibration, and shade installation. As we are rated as the #1 Window Treatment Company in New York by New York Strategist, we guarantee our work is done with the utmost professionalism.
Control Options

In-Wall Wired Power

Somfy’s motor is wired into your home or the building’s electrical system. Once installed, the motor runs maintenance-free until the end of its lifespan.

Rechargeable Battery (WireFree™) Power

The WireFree™ Battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need to install and replace batteries. As a rechargeable solution, Somfy Rechargeable simplifies installation. Zero wiring. Zero drilling. Just plug the battery into your outlet using the complimentary charger for only 6 hours every 6 months in order to enjoy a full 6 months of hassle-free use.

AA Battery Power

Somfy’s motor is powered by extended-life lithium-ion batteries. It comes with a 12V battery tube which contains 8 AA lithium-ion batteries that are installed behind the head rail of your shade completely out of sight. Typical battery life is 6 months when using daily.