Motorization Solar & Roller Shades

A luxury that is hard to live without once experienced, motorized solar shades & roller shades combine elegance and convenience for the ultimate home experience. Being able to raise or lower all your shades with just one click of a button or voice command, you will find an appreciable gain in comfort and time. Solar & roller shades are a perfect match for the minimalist look trending among New Yorkers. They give off a sleek look and blend in with your room decor instead of becoming a major focal point. Program your shades with Somfy’s myLink app to control your shades through the convenience of your phone. Choose your own scenes and customized scenarios to suit your lifestyle. Effortlessly schedule your shades with myLink’s seven-day schedule feature to raise or lower at specific times during the day.

Pricing & Free- Installation Information:

Our prices and timelines are upfront and never contain hidden fees. Check out our price generator in our Main Menu! Furthermore, our licensed installers arrive at your residence on time and complete the job from start to finish. We also have in-house electricians for all your motorization needs.

Free In- Home Consultation

Our free in-home consultation has our designers bring your chosen fabric samples, measure your windows professionally, and give a clear timeline for project completion.

Your Data, Secured

Somfy takes the utmost care of your data when using their products as their servers use the most up-to-date encryption standards to protect your information. Thanks to Somfy’s sun sensors, your motorized interior shades adapt their behavior to the conditions outside. Play with natural light to create your own moods while enjoying the silence. Control your shades with Somfy’s included hub by using voice commands within 65 ft of each hub to seamlessly raise and lower your shades. Through Somfy myLink, easily connect your Somfy blinds, shades, and drapes with your favorite smart home devices.
Horizon Window Treatments’ vetted electricians and installers will install your motorized window coverings to the highest standards. For your convenience, Horizon has several options for its customers to choose from. Your shades can be wired into your home or the building’s electrical system. Once installed, the motor runs maintenance-free until the end of its lifespan. The WireFree™ Battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that eliminates the need to install and replace batteries. As a rechargeable solution, Somfy Rechargeable simplifies installation. Zero wiring. Zero drilling. Just plug the battery into your outlet using the complimentary charger for only 6 hours every 6 months to enjoy a full 6 months of hassle-free use.

The Benefits of Solar & Roller Shades

Solar & Roller shades are an excellent choice for windows that get a lot of direct sunlight. You can fit them nicely in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Since we offer a lot of color choices, you can find shades to match the existing decor in your home or office. Saves cooling cost: Solar shades keep the indoors cool in the hot summer because they filter and block most of the infrared heat waves of the sun. With shades, you can save up to 40 – 50 percent of your cooling energy costs. Protects furniture from fading: Since the solar shades evenly distribute the rays passing through them, they protect your furniture from the sun’s wear and tear. Prolonged sunlight exposure fades upholstery and discolors the wood in your furniture. Saves from prying eyes: Depending upon the color and texture of the material, solar shades effectively block the view from outside during the day. If you require privacy during the night, you can choose darker and thicker solar shades with a bit of texture to block the prying eyes of outsiders. Improves view and comfort: Unlike blinds or drapes, solar shades save you from the direct sunlight and let you enjoy the cityscape in comfortable light. Sun’s glare can also make it difficult to watch television or work on the computer. Good for allergies: Like sheer curtains, solar shades block the entry of dust and pollen into your home. As a result, shades can decrease your risk of developing allergic reactions and keep the indoors germ-free.