Embrace Natural Light with Solar Shades in NYC

Solar shades are an inexpensive way to control the light entering your room while still being able to enjoy the view outside. Solar shades are roller shades made with unique materials that filter UV light, reduce glare, and provide privacy without blocking your view. They provide a clean and effortless vibe to the entire decor and work best in casual settings. You can also pair them up with other window treatments like drapes, valances, or cassettes. Solar shades are particularly effective in blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Excessive exposure to UV rays results in premature aging and severe skin damage. It is time to bring your unique sense of style to your windows! Control the privacy, light, and view of your room by choosing the right material and color. Here is how you can easily get your solar shades in the NYC designers’ style you like.

Unveiling Solar Shades

Harness the Power of the Sun: Solar Shades are designed to harness the power of the sun while preserving your views and protecting your interiors from harmful UV rays. At Horizon Window Treatments, we offer a curated collection of Solar Shades that allow you to enjoy natural light without compromising on privacy or comfort. Experience the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of your home or office with our innovative Solar Shades.

Sustainable Style, Eco-Friendly Design: At Horizon, we believe in sustainability and eco-friendly design. That’s why our Solar Shades are crafted from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials that are designed to last. Reduce your carbon footprint while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space with our stylish and sustainable Solar Shades.

Elevate Your NYC Living Space: Transform your New York City living space with the beauty and functionality of Solar Shades by Horizon Window Treatments. Whether you reside in a modern Manhattan loft or a cozy Brooklyn brownstone, our shades add a touch of sophistication and sustainability to any room. Embrace natural light and reduce glare while protecting your interiors from fading and sun damage.

Pricing & Free- Installation Information:

Our prices and timelines are upfront and never contain hidden fees. Check out our price generator in our Main Menu! Furthermore, our licensed installers arrive at your residence on time and complete the job from start to finish. We also have in-house electricians for all your motorization needs.

Free In-Home Consultation

Our free in-home consultation has our designers bring your chosen fabric samples, measure your windows professionally, and give a clear timeline for project completion.

Features of Solar Shades For New York City

Amid the bustling New York City, you might want to turn your home or office into a peaceful and calming space. Therefore, you need window treatments that not only block the city’s chaos but also keep indoors clean and calm. Solar shades are sleek and simple window coverings that block unwanted light and noise. They also provide an adequate amount of privacy, depending upon the transparency and color of the material you choose.

Product Features:

  • Modern Design
  • Distribute light evenly
  • Reduce glare
  • Block UV Rays
  • Save Energy
  • Adequate Privacy
  • Can Be Motorized
Solar shades are an excellent choice for windows that get a lot of direct sunlight. You can fit them nicely in kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms. Since we offer a lot of color choices, you can find shades to match the existing decor in your home or office. Saves cooling cost: Solar shades keep the indoors cool in the hot summer because they filter and block most of the infrared heat waves of the sun. With shades, you can save up to 40 – 50 percent of your cooling energy costs. Protects furniture from fading: Since the solar shades evenly distribute the rays passing through them, they protect your furniture from the sun’s wear and tear. Prolonged sunlight exposure fades upholstery and discolors the wood in your furniture. Saves from prying eyes: Depending upon the color and texture of the material, solar shades effectively block the view from outside during the day. If you require privacy during the night, you can choose darker and thicker solar shades with a bit of texture to block the prying eyes of outsiders. Improves view and comfort: Unlike blinds or drapes, solar shades save you from the direct sunlight and let you enjoy the cityscape in comfortable light. Sun’s glare can also make it difficult to watch television or work on the computer. Good for allergies: Like sheer curtains, solar shades block the entry of dust and pollen into your home. As a result, shades can decrease your risk of developing allergic reactions and keep the indoors germ-free.

The Benefits of Solar Shades:

At Horizon, we provide you a lot of options in look and function for your bespoke solar shades. We understand the struggles of finding the right window treatments for your office or home. That is why we help you identify the right window coverings and additional features suitable for your space. Here are a few ways we help you personalize your solar shades for your requirements and preferences. We have a huge selection of colors, materials, and sizes to make sure your custom solar shades harmonize with your intended decor with perfection. Size variations: Whether you have typical-sized windows, or they have an odd shape or size, we make the solar shades in the exact size you require. You can choose the approximate size of your windows during checkout, and our specialists will measure the exact size when they visit you with the samples. Color choices: The color you should choose for your solar shades mostly depends on the sunlight your windows receive and the privacy level you want. Darker colors and thicker shades block more light and sight. On the flip side, they also make the room darker, so you might need to rely more on artificial lighting if you choose to keep the shades down during the day. Accessories: You can hide your rolled-up solar shades behind a valance or cassette for an elevated look. Valance imparts a glamorous look to your windows while a cassette fits nicely into contemporary decor. You can also opt for side channels to avoid light leak from the sides of the shades. Mechanization: If you have tall or inaccessible windows, you can choose to mechanize your solar shades. You can draw motorized shades up or down with a button on a remote controller or your smartphone. Similarly, if you have wide windows, you should get motorized shades. Otherwise, you’ll need two people to roll the shades up and down evenly. Like roller shades, you can easily roll them up or down to any level you want. Unlike blinds, solar shades are made from a single piece of fabric and do not have ribs or slats. Besides solar shades, we also sell roller shades, roman shades, blinds, and drapes. At Horizon NYC, you can explore our vast collection of window treatments in every color, material, and style. So, hurry up and claim your free professional consultation today! If you have any questions or are unsure which materials are best for your solar shades, feel free to call us. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

Elevate your New York City living space with the beauty and sustainability of Solar Shades by Horizon Window Treatments. Schedule a consultation today and experience the difference that custom window treatments can make in your home or office.