• June 28, 2023
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A sleek and fitted aesthetic that makes the most of the window space may be achieved by hanging curtains inside the window frame. Here are seven tips for hanging curtains inside the window frames correctly:

7 Tips for Perfectly Hanging Curtains Inside the Window Frame

  1. Measure the window frame: Measure the window frame’s internal width and height using a measuring tape. To account for any deviations, take precise measurements at several different locations.
  2. Select the right curtains: Choose curtains that can be mounted inside. They should have a header style, such as a rod pocket, tab top, or curtains with built-in clips, that is compatible with the specified hanging technique.
  3. Choose the curtain rod: Select a curtain rod that is just a hair shorter than the window frame’s interior width. This enables the curtains to hang loosely when they are fully opened without impeding the window glass. Make sure the curtain rod is strong enough to hold the heft of the curtains.
  4. Install the curtain rod brackets: In the window frame, place the brackets for the curtain rod an equal distance apart from the window corners. To make sure the brackets are aligned and level, use a level. Using the necessary screws or mounting hardware, firmly connect the brackets to the frame after marking the locations of the screw holes.
  5. Hang the curtains: Simply slipped the curtain rod through a hole if the curtains have rod pockets. Curtains with buttons or integrated clips should be hung on the curtain rod following the guidelines given. Check that the curtains are positioned equally along the rod.
  6.  Adjust the curtain length: Consider hemming the curtains to the appropriate length if they are overly long and contact the window sill. As an alternative, you may gather and modify the length with curtain clips without making any long-term changes.
  7. Test and Adjust: To make sure the curtains can easily fit within the window frame, open and close them. To get the desired appearance and usefulness, change the hardware, curtain length, or rod positioning as necessary.

A neat and streamlined appearance may be achieved by hanging curtains inside the window frame. It enables the curtains to stay tucked in perfectly within the window area, highlighting the window while bringing in seclusion and regulating light. You can make your window treatment seem professional and personalized by following these instructions.

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