hanging curtains in an apartment
  • July 1, 2023
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If you rent an apartment and cannot bear to drill holes in the walls to hang curtains, there are a number of other options you might try. A renter’s guide to hanging curtains in an Apartment without making holes is provided below:

6 Ways of Hanging Curtains in an Apartment Without Drilling Holes

  1. Tension Rods: For hanging curtains with no drilling, tension rods are a common option. These movable rods are designed to fit into window frames and maintain their position under pressure. Pick a tension rod that will fit tightly inside the window frame after measuring the width of the window. Twist the tension rod into place, then tighten it. After that, hang your drapes from the rod using rings, clips, or pockets.
  2. Command Hooks: They are self-adhesive hooks that are simple to remove without causing any damage to the walls. Select a command hook that is strong enough to support the heft of your curtains. Clean the area as directed on the packaging, then fasten the hook to the wall. Use rings, clips, or pockets to hang your curtains when the hook is firmly in place.
  3. Magnetic Curtain Rods: If your window frames are made of metal, magnetic curtain rods will function nicely. Magnets on either end hold These rods in position over the metal frame. Select a magnetic rod suitable for your window’s width after measuring it. Rings, clips, or pockets can be used to hang your curtains once you’ve attached the rod to the metal frame.
  4. Tension Wire Systems: This system offers a simple and contemporary method for hanging curtains. In these systems, a wire is often attached between two permanent places, such as a wall or window frame. Once the wire is tightened, tensioners or turnbuckles are used. Curtain rings or clips should be attached to the wire, and curtains should be hung as necessary.
  5. Adhesive Hooks for Curtain Tracks: Some curtain tracks have hooks that may be stuck to the wall with no drilling. Before mounting the pins, clean the wall area and check that they are firmly in place. After installing the hooks, hang the curtain rail and hang your curtains by using the proper gliders or hooks.
  6. Curtain Stands: It might be a useful alternative if you have wide windows or sliding glass doors. These independent constructions are made of extensible rods and a weighted foundation. The curtain stand just has to be put together, the rods set to the correct height and breadth, and the curtains hung.


Never forget to review the terms of your lease and request your landlord’s approval before making any changes to your flat. To guarantee correct installation and avoid any damage to the walls or windows, be sure to also follow the instructions that came with the hanging solutions.

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