• solar shade

        • Solar shades are a popular fixture in many homes because they prevent furniture fading, reduce glare and protect against UV rays. Choose from multiple categories and search through our vast collections and exclusive colors.

        • Top-of-the-line natural grains sourced from all over the world, rich in color and character both. Choose from multiple categories and search our vast collections and exclusive finishes. High-quality wood blinds are the perfect addition to any room.

        • Hand-pressed with deep folds – modern design for stylish interiors. Choose from multiple categories, choice collections and exclusive colors. High-quality grommet drapes are an excellent addition to any room.

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Although there is no treatment that is completely soundproof, adding heavy drapery or installing a treatment with thicket materials can help reduce the amount of noise coming through your windows or walls. Curtains and thick-weighted drapery are very effective when it comes to noise-reduction, and they also provide great room-darkening for additionally sound sleeping. Shutters...
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