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I love technology. As a Wall Street stock broker, it’s made me a lot of money over the years, so I like to think I’m giving back a little by spending on all the latest hi-tech gadgets and gizmos. They just make everything convenient, and look so cool.

When I needed to install window coverings in my Chelsea condo at 450 west 17th Street, I wasn’t going to look for some old fashioned drapes or cord operated blinds, I was going for top of the line electrical remote control shades.

I found a window treatment place in the neighborhood and after demonstrating how easily the motorized solar shades functioned and explaining all the features, I was convinced that they would do a professional job.

They did show me a few options for Lutron Shading system and Somfy Motorized Shades system. The Luron system cost more but had an option of ultra quiet motors. .

I like dealing with one company and they impressed me enough with their home automation knowledge that I decided to have them install the whole smart home system for my condo.

What I ended up installing was a Total Home System from Crestron. We have two in-wall touch screens for control one in the kitchen living area and the other near the front door. Our Lutron hand held remotes are amazingly easy to operate. Its fantastic when I can wake up early in the morning for run and press one button so my hallway and kitchen dimmers light up with the exact amount of light I like every morning. We also had the team install a Sirius satellite radio system so every morning my favorite show is on. The 3DTV from Samsung is both amazing in picture quality and the silver bezel has a sleek modern look. We can even control our system from our iPod Touch.

Now I can control all the home theatre, lighting, AC, shading and speaker systems from user friendly wall panels and my remote control. There were a couple early glitches with the programming, but Horizon Window Treatments was right there to help me troubleshoot the issues and quickly fix the new tech bugs.

I’m still waiting for the voice operated system to become available, but until then, I’m very happy with my easy to use remote control home automation system and window shades..

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