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I’d been working at a brokerage firm on Wall Street for long enough that I could comfortably secure a luxury condo in Lower Manhattan. The dingy little place where I’d lived for years wasn’t really fitting for my position anymore.

I moved to The Visionaire Condos in battery park, and started fresh with all new furnishings. I needed new window treatments too, and I wanted to extend the lavish furniture looks into the window coverings I selected.

I looked at bamboo shades, and enjoyed their warm natural hues. And there were some pleated curtains whose colors I really liked. But I wanted something different, and my large windows would have made traditional blinds and drapes hard to open and close.

So I opted for electrical blinds. They offer me the utmost in convenience, and I don’t have to tell you that my friends think they’re pretty cool, when they visit for dinner. I had my whole condo fitted with an electronically-assisted system for optimum functionality with the least amount of effort.

I simply love how I can touch a button to change the lighting levels in my condo, instead of pulling shades open and shut manually, making sure all the shade vanes are in line.

The experts at Horizon installed the electric blinds system for me, and it works without a hitch. It saves me time, and my friends like the gadgetry. I didn’t even have to call out an electrician for the work – Horizon did it all for me. Now I can control all my blinds, including using full cover when we use my home theater room. I can even set them on a timer, so it looks like I’m home when I’m not.

The touch of a finger allows me to monitor the energy efficiency of my condo, and gives me excellent protection for my luxurious furniture. The brightest rays can be kept out so that they don’t fade my furniture or carpet.

I use a remote that is hand-held, since my other electrical gadgets are hooked into the same unit, but they are also available with the controls mounted on the wall. I can control each shade separately, or open or close them all at once. These shades have made my life so much easier, and they protect my condo, since it looks like someone is here even when I’m away.

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