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Ripple-Fold Drapery NYC: High-Quality Window Treatments

Functional and aesthetic, ripple-fold drapery is perfect for a modern home. The simple and elegant style and consistent s-shaped ripples soften the interiors and add fluidity to your decor. Once reserved only for hospitality installations, ripple-fold drapery is all the rage among busy New Yorkers today. At Horizon460NYC, you get: ✔ Designer elements ✔ Exclusive colors ✔ Easy to operate ✔ Free shipping

Choose Your Ripple-Fold Drapes

Horizon helps you create the best ripple-fold drapery in NYC. Choose the fabric and designs from our collection or contact our designers to discover the best elements for your curtains. Our high-quality ripple-fold drapes are made in the USA by skilled artisans and shipped to your doorstep within 10 days.

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What Is Ripple-Fold Drapery?

Ripple-fold drapery in NYC is popular among contemporary apartments and offices. These curtains glide effortlessly along the tracks, stacking nicely into natural waves. The snap and carrier system makes installation and removal easy for maintenance. Custom ripple-fold curtains are a practical solution for hard to cover areas like floor-to-ceiling, corner, or odd-shaped windows.

Ripple-Fold Drapery Features

Ripple-fold curtain style is one of the most popular window treatments in NYC. It runs on a track system fed with carriers. A flat ribbon with snaps is sewn to the header of the curtains. These snaps attach to the carriers on the rod, so when you pull the curtains, they slide effortlessly, forming consistent soft waves.  

The thin track becomes almost invisible against the wall. You can also choose a material and color that stands out and gives a bold definition to your drapery. 

Product Features:

  • Five premium fabrics
  • Exclusive colors and prints
  • 100% fullness
  • Custom curtain size
  • Rod material variety
  • Smooth operation

Ripple-fold drapery is perfect for both offices and homes because its natural waves look beautiful and neat without requiring a lot of upkeep.

Personalization for Custom Ripple-Fold Drapes

Horizon offers you unlimited room for personalization. You can get help from our experienced designers to convert your vision into reality. Our selection includes designer-inspired colors, patterns, and designs to create the best ripple-fold drapery in NYC. 


  • Custom Size: We make custom ripple-fold drapes in the size you specify during order placement. We also offer free professional window measurements so you can get your curtains in the exact size you require. 
  • Fabric and Design Choices: At Horizon, you can choose from five fabric options in numerous colors and patterns to give your room a soft or a bold look. Bold patterns can make your windows pop while cool colors give your room a relaxing vibe.
  • Rod Variety: Whether you choose a rod that fades away into the background or the one that attracts the eyes, it’s up to you. Ripple-fold drapery hardware is available in metal, bronze, white, and silver. Decorative wooden rods are also quite popular.
  • Lining: At Horizon, you can customize your curtains for privacy and light control. During order placement, choose the blackout lining for room darkening and privacy lining for blocking prying eyes into your room.
  • Operation Methods: Ripple-fold drapes are easy to draw. Since they glide on a track, you can install a wand system to operate them. We also offer motorization for ripple-fold curtains that you can operate by the click of a button.

Benefits of Ripple-Fold Drapery

Ripple-fold drapery is preferred for its low maintenance and high aesthetic value. The waves require no styling and make your room look clean and tidy at all times. Many New Yorkers prefer ripple-fold drapery for its effortless and modern outlook.

  • Even look: Ripple-fold drapery looks as good from the outside as it appears fabulous from the inside. The waves form on both sides of the curtain, and you can pair sheers and heavy fabrics to get a chic look for your windows. 
  • Easy to Move: Since ripple-fold curtains run on a track, they glide smoothly without any resistance. You can choose to motorize them as well and control them through a remote controller or your smartphone.
  • Easy to Maintain: Ripple-fold drapes attach to the tracks with the help of button-like snaps. Most fabrics are washable, and you can easily detach them from the rod for cleaning and maintenance. 
  • Cost-Effective: Since ripple-fold drapery is made of a single piece of cloth without any pleats, it uses 25% less fabric. A 1ft track will require only 2ft of material at 100% fullness, whereas pleated drapes usually require 2.5ft or more.  
  • Light Control: Ripple-fold drapery stacks thin at the end of the track. It means more light enters through the windows, and you can enjoy the entire view outside your window. Blackout lining and overlapping allow you to get total darkness when you need it. 

If you have any questions or you wish to discuss your requirements, feel free to call us. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your queries.  

Besides drapery, we also sell roller shades, roman shades, blinds, curtains, and accessories. At Horizon, you can explore our vast collection of ripple-fold curtains in exciting colors, fabrics, and designs. So hurry up and claim your free professional consultation today!