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Curtain Rods

The dinner party the other night was a great success and it was good to see so many old friends. One of them came over and commented on how nice my home decor was. She even complimented me on my draperies and the fancy drapery rod they were hanging from. I had to say, I was pretty proud of them too, and not only because they looked nice, but they also reminded me of first moving to my apartment.

I’m originally from Boston, but I got a great job offer I couldn’t refuse in New York City. So, I made the move and found a nice place in Park Slope, where it was close to the city, but not caught in the busy center of it.

I wasn’t expecting such large windows, though! I didn’t know how to cover them at first and was too busy settling into the new job. For a while, I liked how the place looked with open windows and I thought I might just leave them uncovered like that, until it started to get hotter and hotter and I also began feeling uncomfortable exposing my home for the whole block to see. I needed to cover those windows and get some privacy and shade quickly.

The company that hired me had recently installed a new automated window blind system for the conference room, so I asked them where to go for window treatments. They got them at Horizon and Bill, my colleague, said that they have a big showroom where I can see many different options.

I looked at their website before going and saw that they had two showrooms, the one in Chelsea on 24th seemed more convenient, so I went there. I am not much of a high tech guy, so I wasn’t very interested in something like motorized shades, and I had already set my mind on curtains anyway. I like traditional design, what can I say?

It seems that draperies have a whole world of options and even choosing the hardware seems challenging. As it was, I could’ve gone with a simple white track, which is often called a hospital track, and depending on the heading of the curtain the track may be visible or not. But it looked too simple for my taste;

I wanted a drapery rod, something that would stand out more. So then we looked at some rods from Stroheim, Paris Texas and Lefer Forge, but the ones that really took my attention were by The Finial Co.

They had a more traditional look made out of wrought iron with ball-shaped finials that really made the rod stands out. The draperies I chose where grommet style drapery to soften the look of the more functional cellular shades installed inside the window frame.

After we chose the drapery rods and the fabric and the color for the cellular shades we scheduled a meeting to take measurements. I did have to wait about 3 weeks until they were installed but it was well worth it.

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