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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are out-of-the-box window treatment designs, most coveted for large windows, patio doors, and as room dividers. Their unique style and sophistication showcase your striking personality. Moreover, they are easy to adjust and versatile in use. With so many colors and material choices, you’ll find the perfect vertical blinds for NYC homes and offices. ✔ Unique product designs ✔ 300+ materials ✔ Wide-span ✔ Motorization Options ✔ Free Shipping

Choose Your Vertical Blinds

It’s time to bring your unique sense of style to your windows. Give your room an edge with our elegant and trendy vertical blinds in colors, materials, and vane spans of your choice. So let’s begin the process of creating the best vertical blinds in NYC.  


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What Are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds move vertically with slats hanging down from the top rail. Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds don’t fight with gravity. They slide from side to side like curtains, and you can open and close them quickly with a wand. All vertical vanes have the same size, and their uniform appearance makes indoors neat and peaceful in stark contrast to the bustling city outside.

Features of Vertical Blinds in New York City

Window treatments are a combination of features and form. When chosen carefully, they not only change the look and feel of your room but also let you control the amount of light, heat, and noise entering through windows. 

Vertical blinds are a sleek and modern way to adorn your windows and create a private zone in your open plan home or studio apartment. The light and privacy depend on the transparency and color of the material you choose. 

Product Features:

  • Vane size variations
  • Assorted colors and patterns
  • Various transparency levels
  • Blackout feature available
  • Size variations for unconventional windows
  • Can be motorized

Vertical blinds have a flawless design. There are no light gaps between slats, so when you draw your blackout blinds, there’s no light leak to disturb you. Since we offer a lot of color choices, you can find shades to match the existing decor in your home or office.

Personalization for Custom Vertical Blinds

At Horizon, we understand the struggles of finding the right vertical blinds for your NYC home or office. That’s why we offer our worthy customers a lot of flexible options to customize the product. We also help you identify the right features for your space and required functions.

  • Custom Size: Vertical blinds are perfect for large windows, patios, or as room dividers. At Horizon, you can choose the approximate size you require during checkout. Our specialists will measure the exact size for free when they visit you with the samples. 
  • Vane Span: From standard 3.5-inch to wide-span wooden vanes or slim and sleek fabric ones, you can get the slat size you want from Horizon.
  • Color Choices: Explore a variety of colors and patterns for your vertical blinds. Select the ones that match your existing decor or set a new mood for your room with exciting colors and patterns.
  • Blinds Material: Vertical blinds are available in fabric, vinyl, metal, natural wood, and faux wood. The material not only depends on your choice but can also alter the light and privacy you get. 
  • Stack Placement: Choose whether you want to stack your vertical blinds to the left or the right. You can also choose the ones that stack in the middle or split down the middle and stack on both sides.
  • Mechanization: Vertical blinds usually come with a wand draw system, but you can also get them motorized for swift and effortless operation.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are budget-friendly window treatments that provide a luxurious elegance to any room. You can also pair your vertical blinds with valances or cassettes. 

  • Functional for Large Windows: Vertical blinds are perfect for wide windows and large patio doors because of their wider vanes. They also accentuate the height of your windows.
  • Hassle-Free Room Dividers: If you require complete isolation and privacy, vertical blinds block noise and view entirely from the rest of the space. They are an affordable way to create sections in an open plan home or a studio apartment whenever you need them.  
  • Saves Energy Cost: Vertical blinds insulate your home in both summers and winters, saving you around 20% of energy costs. Vertical vanes leave little gaps, so they prevent heat exchange across them. 
  • Best for Blackout: Since vertical slats and vanes align against each other perfectly, they achieve better results for blackout and room darkening. Wood and vinyl vertical blinds are better options for achieving blackout.
  • Light and Privacy Control: Vertical blinds offer superior light control while still providing you privacy from prying eyes. You can tilt the slats to preserve your view and control the light that enters the room without stacking them.
  • Protects From Allergies: Vertical blinds do not gather a lot of dust and are easier to wipe clean. They also create a physical barrier to block the entry of bugs and other allergens.

If you have any questions or you wish to discuss your requirements, feel free to call us. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

Besides vertical blinds, we also sell roller shades, roman shades, blinds, and drapes. At Horizon NYC, you can explore our vast collection of window treatments in every color, material, and style. So hurry up and claim your free professional consultation today!