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        • Solar shades are a popular fixture in many homes because they prevent furniture fading, reduce glare and protect against UV rays. Choose from multiple categories and search through our vast collections and exclusive colors.

        • Top-of-the-line natural grains sourced from all over the world, rich in color and character both. Choose from multiple categories and search our vast collections and exclusive finishes. High-quality wood blinds are the perfect addition to any room.

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Metal Blinds

Metal blinds have a sleek and stylish design with a robust and durable body. They are a cost-effective window treatment for a modern and minimalist look for your home or office. At Horizon, you can explore the best metal blinds in NYC with different slat sizes, such as miniblinds and micro blinds, which are great for privacy. ✔ 6 Exclusive Materials ✔ Aluminum Components ✔ Top-of-the-line Designer Components ✔ Motorization Options ✔ Free Shipping

Choose Your Metal Blinds

With our exclusive materials and abundant colors, you won’t be stuck with silvery or metallic metal blinds. Instead, at Horizon, you can choose the hues to match your style and decor. We use sturdy materials and sleek aluminum components to provide you the best metal blinds in NYC.   

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Color Samples

Antique Copper Antique Copper ADD SWATCH TO CART
Bamboo Silk Pearl Bamboo Silk ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Black Loafer Black Loafer ADD SWATCH TO CART
Bright Aluminium Bright Alumi... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Bright Gold Metallic Bright Gold ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Bright White Bright White ADD SWATCH TO CART
Bronze Matte Bronze Matte ADD SWATCH TO CART
Brownstone Brownstone ADD SWATCH TO CART
Brushed Aluminium Metallic Brushed Alum... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Brushed Brass Brushed Brass ADD SWATCH TO CART
Brushed Nickel Brushed Nickel ADD SWATCH TO CART
Creme De La Creme Matte Creme De La ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Creme De La Creme Pearl Creme De La ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Creme De La Creme Weave Creme De La ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Desert Pearl Desert Pearl ADD SWATCH TO CART
Dover Matte Dover Matte ADD SWATCH TO CART
Dover Weave Dover Weave ADD SWATCH TO CART
Downtown Main Downtown Main ADD SWATCH TO CART
Fawn Matte Fawn Matte ADD SWATCH TO CART
Flex White Weave Flex White W... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Fossil Rock Fossil Rock ADD SWATCH TO CART
Frost Opalescence Frost Opales... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Gloss White Gloss White ADD SWATCH TO CART
Golden Mushroom Matte Golden Mushr... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Linen Flirt Linen Flirt ADD SWATCH TO CART
Mica Opalescence Mica Opalesc... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Nordic Mist Opalescence Nordic Mist ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Pearl Frost Pearl Frost ADD SWATCH TO CART
Pearl Taupe Pearl Taupe ADD SWATCH TO CART
Picket Fence Picket Fence ADD SWATCH TO CART
Porcelain Pearl Porcelain Pearl ADD SWATCH TO CART
Sailors Knot Sailors Knot ADD SWATCH TO CART
Sand Pebble Sand Pebble ADD SWATCH TO CART
Snow Storm Snow Storm ADD SWATCH TO CART
Snowy White Matte Snowy White ... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Steel Wind Brushed Steel Wind B... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Stormy White Brushed Stormy White... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Urban Skyline Urban Skyline ADD SWATCH TO CART
Venetian Bronze Brushed Venetian Bro... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Vintage Gold Brushed Vintage Gold... ADD SWATCH TO CART
Weathered Wicker Weathered Wi... ADD SWATCH TO CART
White Oxford White Oxford ADD SWATCH TO CART
Woodland Dusk Woodland Dusk ADD SWATCH TO CART

What Are Metal Blinds?

Metal blinds are usually made out of aluminum and other lightweight metals. Aluminum is the most popular material for metal blinds because it doesn’t rust easily. Designers prefer aluminum blinds for their sturdiness, durability, and affordability. Metal blinds fare well against harsh weather conditions, heat, wind, dust, and dirt. They are easy to clean and give an uncluttered look to the room.

Features of Metal Blinds For New York City

Carefully chosen window treatments can change the look and feel of your room. Metal blinds are a flexible and durable way to adorn your windows. Modern metal blinds come in a variety of unique styles to match your preferences and the existing decor of your NYC offices and homes. 

At Horizon, we offer a surprising range of colors, designs, and textures in metal blinds. 

Product Features:

  • Special finishes and textures
  • Six unique materials
  • Slat gauge and size choices
  • Dust and moisture-resistant
  • Custom sizes
  • Can be motorized

At Horizon, you can find the exact features to match your space and function requirements.

Personalization for Custom Metal Blinds

Finding the right window treatments for your space involves both aesthetics and functionality. At Horizon, we offer flexible options to personalize how your blinds look, operate, and function. You can also contact our experienced designers to discuss the ways you can customize your product. 

  • Custom Size: Whether your windows have standard measurements or odd sizes and shapes, our experts measure them for free and make your blinds in the exact size.
  • Slat Gauge: You can get 6, 8, or 9 gauge slats. Most blinds in the market are 6 or 8 gauge. 9 gauge slats are uncommon but form the thickest and most reliable slats.  
  • Slat Size: Metal blinds are usually available in slat widths of half-inch to 2.5 inches. Micro blinds are half-inch wide and suitable for small windows. Large slats of 2 or 2.5-inch are ideal for larger windows.
  • Color Choices: From metallic hues to matte, enjoy a range of exclusive colors, finishes, and textures to complement any decor or set a unique mood for the room. 
  • Operating Systems: Corded, cordless, or mechanized, choose the operating system that works best for you. You can also get smart metal blinds that you can operate from your smartphone or home hub.

Benefits of Metal Blinds

Metal blinds are an excellent choice if durability is your primary concern. They take wear and tear due to daily use and rough weather pretty well. In busy households with pets and active children, flexible aluminum blinds are an asset. 

  • Strong and Durable: Higher gauge slats are usually larger and stronger than smaller slats with a lower gauge. However, the slat gauge is proportional to its thickness. Therefore, the strength and durability of metal blinds depend on slat thickness and not its length or width.
  • Easy to Clean: Metal blinds are usually dust and moisture resistant. This is why they don’t get rusty or grimy easily. You can wipe them clean with a wet cloth to keep them shining like new.
  • Saves Energy Cost: Metal blinds reflect heat and sunlight, keeping the indoors cooler in the summer. Aluminum slats also don’t warp in the direct sun, so they are perfect for sunny windows. 
  • Light and Privacy Control: Due to their sleek profile, aluminum blinds let in a lot of light. You can tilt them up to deflect it and block the view of your room when you require privacy and room blackening.  
  • Cost-Effective: Metal blinds offer a high value for money because they are durable and last longer than other window treatments. They are also easy to maintain in busy households and office settings and give a trendy, modern look to the entire space.

If you have any questions or you wish to discuss your requirements, feel free to call us. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

Besides metal blinds, we also sell roller shades, roman shades, vertical blinds, drapes, and curtains. At Horizon NYC, you can explore our vast collection of metal blinds in every color, material, and style. So hurry up and claim your free professional consultation today!