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Dark grey solar shades, bathroom Chelsea Stratus 101 West 24th Street NYC installed by Horizon Window Treatments
Solar Shades
Charcoal | Solar
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Electric Roman Shade using Custom Designer Light Brown Geometric Pattern Fabric in a pink Living Room at 306 Gold Street by Horizon Window Treatments - horizonyc.com
Flat Roman Shades
Living Room
Charcoal | Print
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Dark Brown Custom Flat Roman Blinds over White Solar Shades installed in a high end bathroom window in a Brooklyn Townhouse.
Flat Roman Shades
Charcoal | Linen
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electric curtains question
Pleated Curtains
Charcoal | Linen
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Somfy RTS High Voltage Remote Controlled Electric Shades, installed in on an extra large window in a living room at 360 Furman Brooklyn NYC. Shades help reduce heat and keep cooling costs down making the room more energy efficient.
Solar Shades
Living Room
Charcoal | Sheer
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