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Luminette shades by Hunter Douglas combine sheer curtains with privacy shades. They offer 180 degrees rotating vertical veins for perfect light control. A wide collection of fabrics offers wide range of light control from Sun protection (cutting UV rais) to dimming out light in bedrooms.

The new PowerView™ motorization technology from Hunter Douglas offer a brand new wey to control Motorized Silhouette shades. The shade receives commands from a remote control and sends information back to the remote of its precise position. This new functionality enables controlling multiple shades to be exactly aligned.

A pebbled designed remote control is available in an amazing assortment of colors, with features such as group control and tilting capabilities to allow better control of daylight.

Controlling motorized Luminette can even be done and iPad or iPhone app read bellow.

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The design phase begins normally with a meeting in the apartment. First we choose fabrics and style. Based on that we match the appropriate motorization system (Battery Operated or Low Voltage) Controlling the shades can be done via the PowerView remote, a wall switch, iPhone app or a 3rd party system.

Motorized Luminette shades tracks are normally battery operated but can also be powered by a DC power supply. Motors are typically hidden behind the last pleat and all cords are eliminated.

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Our in-house electrician will wire each room based on the system selected above. Battery operated shade require no wiring while DC powered shades use transformers. During wiring phase we hide all the wires leading to the transformer. Typically transformers are plugged in in outlets near the floor and wires will run inside the wall to the shade. DC systems with multiple shades sometimes use "home run wiring" to a central location in the house. The new PowerView remote and wall mount switch is wireless and does not require any wiring.

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Installation of Luminette shades weather electric or manual would be the same. Our professional installers are capable of installing these shades to the ceiling weather its concrete or not.

Hunter Douglas Lumniette shades comes assembled and shipped in a special cylinder shaped box from Hunter Douglas and do not require to be steamed.

Once shades are installed we test them and move to the next step which is programming.

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Once Luminette shades are installed, adjustments are needed to make sure they open and close and stop at the right place and grouping is selected.(one button control multiple shades)

Hunter Douglas is now offering a unique PowerView Pebbled Remote control that is capable of controlling  unlimited number of shades. In addition PowerView app is an iPhone/iPad app the can assign and control each shade in the house.

Our installer will work with you to select your optimal control mode.


Hunter Dougals Luminette® PowerView™ Motoriztaion


Luminette® Shades offer a uniquely designed product by Hunter Douglas that does not exist anywhere in the market. With its exquisite high end design, motorization is just a naturally added feature.

Luminette® shades can be powered via battery operated motors, DC powered motors. Battery operated motors are the standard but they can be replaced with a DC power supply. Motors are installed at the end of the track and hide behind the last pleat.

Hunter Douglas has upgraded all their motors to a new PowerView™ motor line the offers advanced technology to assign and control an unlimited number of shades with a single group on the new PowerView™ remote.

In addition to the remote controlling the shade, the new motors installed on the track will send information back to the remote control, including the precise position of the shade. This is used to align multiple shades and control them to be precisely in the same position.

This feature is specially important with Luminette Shades that not only opens and closes byt but also rotates. When installing multiple Luminette shades adjacent to each other it is required that they move and rotate as one unit.

With an additional PowerView™ Hub, Silhouette Shades can be controlled via an iPhone or iPad with a free downloadable app.

A PowerView™ remote control will control not only Silhouette® but also Duette®, Luminette® and any other Hunter Douglas product.

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